Organizational Structure


Ministry of Finance
To deliver the outputs allocated to each Division, MoF adopts the structure in Figure 1.  The Minister provides overall leadership while the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides overall management. Each Deputy CEO (DCEO) manages a Division (with its associated budget sub-program) reporting to the CEO who reports to the Minister. The DCEO Internal Audit (IA) also reports directly to the Minister on their outputs.

Support towards the Government Strategic Focus

The Ministry will give priority towards facilitating and implementation of the Government Priority (GPA) as outlined in Section 1.1.2 above within the Ministry’s mandate and available resources with a special and dedicated focus on COVID19.

This will be addressed through the medium-term budgetary framework (MTBF), better coordination and collaboration with MDAs and key stakeholders nationwide and mobilization of relevant aid and technical assistance through development cooperation. The Ministry is directly involved in supporting the GPAs through the following: -

Health – with the COVID19 global pandemic, MOF’s first priority will be dedicated in all aspects within its mandate and responsibilities to address as best as it can to avoid the risk of spreading the virus and its impact on Tongans and the national economy. This will be through policy development, resilience development and financing, reallocation of the budget (COVID19), identification of new financing, monitoring of COVID19 budget; and strong collaboration with COVID19 key stakeholders.

Infrastructure development – through careful consideration of essential assistance to priority infrastructure development particularly on road maintenance; Lead the policy work to facilitate a conducive environment and a level playing field for economic development; Identify development funds for the GPAs through aid programming missions (ADF and IDA); Take the overarching leading role across government’s resilient agenda including climate financing, disaster risk financing (adaptation & mitigation), and ocean financing; Take the leading role on Public Sector Reform through the Joint Policy Reform Matrix as linked to Development Policy Operations and through the central agency for the E-Government project;