Strategies and Plans

We approach the second Tonga Strategic Development Framework (TSDF II), 2015-2025 with great optimism and with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in our ability to improve the quality of life for all the people of Tonga. These improvements will be achieved through improving equality, justice, and good governance in addition to expanding our economic and social opportunities. These processes must be carried out with integrity and accountability.
Ministry of Finance

TSDF II must focus upon implementation and the delivery of results. We live in exciting times in the political development of our Kingdom. Our first major reform was at the time of Tupou I who, as Monarch, was able to introduce and lead major political and social reforms, which established our Constitution as one of the most forward-looking of its time. We are now working through our second major reform program following the introduction of major changes to our Constitution. These reforms take place under very different conditions. It is no longer possible for one person to lead and drive the change. With the coming of greater democracy and participation by our people, the reform process is more inclusive and open.

The process also requires more discussion, debate and participatory consultation. We all have a role to play in the success of these new reforms.

While embracing that change is necessary and reforms are needed, we wish to recognize and reconfirm our special Tongan identity bequeathed us by Tupou I: God and Tonga are my inheritance. Under God's blessing and with the natural resources and physical beauty of Tonga we have a sound base upon which to progress. We will continue to strive to have an educated and healthy people - a people who now embark together on the development of a more democratic and inclusive society.