Tonga Strategic Development Framework (TSDF)

The MOF, as a central ministry of government, contributes to all of the National and Organisational Outcomes of the TSDF ll 2015- 2025.  The Ministry guided the development of the TSDF II to cover 10 years setting out the development priorities for the country while the GPA sets out the immediate priorities of the government administration of the day which will drive the government’s resource allocation every 4 years. This Priority Agenda spot lights certain parts of TSDF and other plans, of particular importance during the current administration.

The Ministry also supports the implementation of the TSDF through more detailed plans; formulation of the budget consistent with these plans covering recurrent and development funds, taking into account the national debt and fiscal conditions; management of development partners’ programmes; executing the budget, providing financial management and procurement services, and reporting to the rest of government.

TSDF National outcomes directly supported by MOF

The Ministry makes significant contribution to three out of the seven TSDF National Outcomes:
  1. More inclusive, sustainable and dynamic & knowledge based economy;
  2. More inclusive, sustainable and responsive good governance with strengthened rule of law; and
  3. More inclusive, sustainable and consistent advancement of our external interests, security and sovereignty.

TSDF organisational outcomes directly supported by MOF

As a central part of government, including the management of the Government General Fund (GGF), the Ministry contributes to all of the TSDF Organizational Outcomes. It provides particular support to:

TSDF Organisational outcomes

1.1:      Improved macroeconomic management & stability with deeper financial markets

Improved macroeconomic management and stability with the development of a stronger, deeper, more inclusive financial system to ensure sound macro-economic environment within which inclusive and sustainable business and social opportunities can be developed and pursued.

      Closer public/private partnerships for economic growth

Closer, more effective public/private partnerships with business, consumers and other community groups across the Kingdom to help better identify and address constraints to more inclusive, sustainable and resilient economic growth.

     More efficient, effective, affordable, honest, transparent and apolitical public service focused on clear priorities

A more efficient, effective, affordable, honest and transparent Public Service, with a clear focus on priority needs, working both in the capital and across the rest of the country, with a strong commitment to improved performance and better able to deliver the required outputs of government to all people.

Appropriate decentralization of government administration with better scope for engagement with the public

Appropriate decentralization of government administration and services at all levels providing better scope for active, participatory and inclusive engagement with the wider public, so that local needs can be addressed more quickly and efficiently both in urban and rural areas.

     Improved collaboration with development partners ensuring programs better aligned to government priorities

Improved collaboration and dialogue with our development partners to ensure that their support is consistent with our needs and in line with the international standards set out in various international Declarations and Accords.

     More reliable, safe and affordable information and communications technology used in more innovative and inclusive ways

More reliable, safe and affordable information and communications technology used in more innovative and inclusive ways, linking people across the Kingdom and with the rest of the world, delivering key services by government and business and drawing communities more closely together.