Budget Strategy 2025

The Budget Strategy for fiscal year 2025 marks the third strategic phase of the current administration, outlining fundamental funding estimates and framework to guide the development of ministries corporate plans and the Budget Estimates for the period from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025. This strategic document also provides indicative budget estimates and insights for the subsequent fiscal years, namely FY2026 and FY2027. In addition to financial projections, the Budget Strategy encompasses the government's priority areas, fiscal policies, considers the current economic situations, and the development activities progress in fiscal year 2024.


In the Budget Strategy for FY 2025, the government remains committed to the continued operations of all nine (9) priority agendas (GPAs) under the three thematic areas of: National Resilience, Quality of Services and Affordability and Progressive
Economic Growth. The nine (9) GPAs were derived as a sub-set of the long-term development strategy for Tonga (TSDFII), continues to focus the Government plans and budgeting on these key priority areas. These inter-connected elements form a cohesive fiscal strategy that promotes responsible fiscal management and sustains long-term economic stability.