MOF Organisational Structure

Ministry’s Organizational Structure

To deliver the outputs allocated to each Division, MoF adopts the structure in Figure 1.  The Minister provides overall leadership while the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides overall management. Each Deputy CEO (DCEO) manages a Division (with its associated budget sub-program) reporting to the CEO who reports to the Minister. The DCEO Internal Audit (IA) also reports directly to the Minister on their outputs.

Key Legislation, policy decision and plans

  • The Constitution of Tonga
  • Government Act
  • Public Finance Management Act
  • Public Audit Act
  • Public Service Act
  • Appropriation Act
  • Retirement Fund Board Act
  • Pensions Act
  • National Reserve Bank of Tonga Act
  • Tonga Trust Fund Act
  • Emergency Fund Act
  • Remuneration Act
  • Merged Retirement Fund Act
  • Breton Woods Act
  • Public Procurement Regulations
  • Public Finance Administration (Accounts) Regulations
  • Public Finance Administration (Public Funds) Regulations
  • Public Finance Management Act Treasury Instructions
  • Internal Audit Charter
  • International Agreements                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Tonga Strategic Development Framework II
  • Government Priority Agenda
  • Public Financial Management Reform Roadmap
  • Disaster Recovery Framework