Budget Strategy 2019/20-21/22

The Budget Priorities and Strategies for 2019/20 are driven by the priority areas reflected in the GPA 2019/20-21/22. The theme of the budget, “Our Country Our People”, reflects the need for all stakeholders including communities to work together to improve the livelihoods of all the people of Tonga through a higher quality of life for all.

Working Groups were also approved by Cabinet to drive the coordination and implementation of respective programs under the 9 Strategic Focus areas. MOF leads the Working Group on Digital Government Framework (E-government). MOF will do its best within its means to support the endeavours of MDAs to advance the 9 Strategic Focus areas.

Ministry of Finance

The Budget Strategy 2019/20-2021/22 also provides guiding principles to guide the CP and Budget process for the period which include the followings:-  

  • Establish fiscal rules for considering a more sustainable and resilient budget, including the management of fiscal pressures as a result of natural disasters such as TC Gita and other  emerging social issues such as drugs;
  • Ensure  that the wage bill is contained so that fiscal sustainability is not compromised, including any threat posed by increases in the wage bill to other sectors of the economy;
  • Improve the cycle of the budget process to improve budget efficiency and effectiveness;
  • To improve revenue administration, enforcement and compliance to enhance revenue collection