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Policy & Guidance

This provides guidelines on general issues that arise on the daily management of the public fund which will help to ensure compliance with the Public Finance Management Act and the supporting regulations as well as the relevant standing policies.

The guidelines intend to offer clarifications on policies and procedures regarding the disbursments of the public funds.

Processing of Vouchers for Payment:

Ministry of Finance and National Planning always aims to pay the suppliers at the earliest opportunity and clear government debts, as they fall due.  However, most of the delay in processing the payments of most, if not all vouchers is due to lack of compliance with the established policies and procedures, and the insufficient fund related votes. 

Every voucher prepared by ministeries and submitted for payment to MOFNP shall clearly state on the face of the voucher the Purchase Order number and the Supplier Invoice number or date of lettr requesting payment that the voucher relates to.  MOFNP has the righ to reject payment of an unsigned invoice or letter requesting payment.

Vouchers are normally processed in the Treasury division within one (1) or two (2) days at the most.  However, if there are queries on these vouchers then the processing of such will take longer depending on the response from the ministry.

As a cash flow measures, the MOFNP does not process payments of suppliers' vouchers during the government scheduled pay week.  This is to ensure sufficient cash are available to cover for the payment of staff salaries.  All suppliers should by now already aware of this arrangement.

However, Treasury division could still assess individual case to determine whether there is an urgent need to process a particular voucher for payment, as in a case of medical referral.

Power, water, and telephone bills are all being paid on the 20th of each month.