Kingdom of Tonga Ministry of Finance & National PLanning Nuku'alofa...


Line Ministries Budget Support

Min Ministry Budget Officer Contact Email
19 Ministry of Infrastructure & Tourism Epoki Afemui
06 Tonga Defence Services Kasanita 'Ofa
16 Ministry of Education & Training Kasanita 'Ofa
22 Bureau of Statistics Kasanita 'Ofa
10 Ministry of Public Enterprises Lesieli Vaohea
12 Ministry of Justice Lesieli Vaohea
20 Ministry of Lands, Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources Lesieli Vaohea
01 Palace Office Luvoluva Pouli
05 Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade Luvoluva Pouli
18 Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forests & Fisheries Luvoluva Pouli
11 Ministry of Commerce and Labour Melenaite 'Ahofono
13 Attorney General's Office Melenaite 'Ahofono
17 Ministry of Internal Affairs Melenaite 'Ahofono
21 Public Service Commission Melenaite 'Ahofono
02 Legislative Assembly Semisi Faupula
04 Commissioner of Public Relations Semisi Faupula
14 Ministry of Police, Prisons, & Fire Services Semisi Faupula
03 Audit Office Siulieti Sika
08 Ministry of Finance & National Planning Siulieti Sika
15 Ministry of Health Siulieti Sika
07 Prime Minister's Office Sivoki Soakai
09 Ministry of Revenue Services Sivoki Soakai
23 Ministry of Environment, Energy, Disaster Management, Information and Communication Sivoki Soakai